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Board and Committees

PTA Meetings

The TSES PTA Meetings are held monthly and anyone is welcome and encouraged to attend - Parents, adult family members, grandparents and neighbors. Come see how PTA business is done, bring your ideas and questions, and meet other TSES parents and community members. 

At TSES PTA Meetings, the Board Members, Principal, Staff Representatives and Committee Chairs give reports about what they’ve been working on and they share their plans, ideas, and questions or concerns that have come up.  When applicable, votes are held on various issues. Current PTA Members are eligible to vote. 

TSES PTA Meetings are typically held on the third Thursday of every month at 7 pm in the TSES Media Center (or virtually via Zoom). Check out our calendar of events here for exact dates.

Afraid to attend because you don't have childcare? Don't let that be a barrier! Children of attendees can play quietly together nearby. 

Interested in what is happening but still unable to attend? Check out our meeting minutes here to stay informed. 



Tricia Blackman -

Vice President Fundraising

Opal Keys-Cabrea -

Vice President Special Events

Kaná Davis -


Melanie Dorsey -


Melanie Earles -

Board Member/Principal

Nancy Thompson -

Faculty Representative

Cynthia Freeman -

Lauran Hoffman - lauran

PTA Council of Howard County Delegates

Melrose Benkacoker & Mahogany Butler -



Community Outreach Chairpersons

Heather Merson -

Doni Ernst -

Sari Grue -


Hispanic Liaison Committee Chairperson

Lucia Reyna -

Hospitality Chairperson

Jessica Santillian-

Membership Chairperson

Emily Campbell -

Cultural Arts

Vacant -

Communications Chairperson

Katie Adams -

Yearbook Committee

Michelle Humphrey -

Oakland Mills Educational Committee Representative


Board & Committee Members

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes
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