July 3rd AAC Mtg Notes

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Hi all,
The July 3rd meeting was well attended.  I think there were about 20 Citizens that came to the meeting to try and understand the process and get their comments in.  Joel and Jennifer started the meeting by distributing paper copies of all citizen emails and communications to-date (distributed before the meeting electronically).  The nature of the comments were mostly around the shape of polygons and different folks who are or are not in those polygons.  If I remember correctly, there was one polygon split amongst a HOA.  I was really impressed with the amount of attention given to these communications, about 45 minutes, of a 2 hour long meeting.  The rest of the meeting was used for alternate senario building.  The AAC broke up into three groups and tried their hands at redistricting options, mostly focused around filling Elementary School #41.Two of the groups got their plans into the WIF'ER (What if'er software for calculating capacities).  These starter plans were not entirely successful, but got the AAC started in thinking thru plan generation (think baby steps)  Joel and his staff will complete the analysis of these trials and give back complete reports by the next meeting (these reports will address MSA, FARM and Small Feed Generation)  The third group, who worked alot on process and goal setting, will get their plan to Joel before the next meeting to complete the reports.
Interesting Discussion Topics
1.  Discussed maybe using a benchmark of how many students were moved to fill Veteran's Elem as a guide for filling Elem #41.  Current staff plan has a slightly higher head count.
2.  The Staff Plan has three distinct focuses. 
    a.  Fill the new school
    b.  Relieve the over-crowding at Veteran's Elem
    c.  Fix the East Columbia Overcrowding.
Interestingly, the plan was specifically designed to be able to execute each goal independently and still leave the other focuses executable.
3.  Of those committee members who spoke up, the majority was in favor of comprehensive rezoning, even if it meant moving alot of kids, even more than the plan lists now.  This would hopefully result in a longer stability in the region, before Elem #42 is on line and ready to fill, which I think is in the 2019 timeframe if I remember correctly.
Interesting polygon note:  At one time there were fewer polygons.  Not too long ago, the polygons were broken up to give better resolution to the planning.  The names of the polygons hint at this relationship.  for example, you might see Polygon #35, #1035, #2035, etc.  The 4 digit polgons ending in xx35 are grown out of the original #35.

Nothing else particularly interesting comes to mind.  If I think of something else I will update this post accordingly.  I will also add the handouts from the meeting as soon as they become available, probably around Saturday Afternoon.
thanks for reading and check back often, 7 more meetings to go before the start of the school year.
General PTA Address,
Jul 11, 2012, 9:13 AM