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PTA Committees

Please consider if you can join a team to help in one of the following PTA work areas.  Enter this area on your membership form.  Each Committee has a Chair.  This person is responsible for all aspects of the committee functions and to attend the Board meetings.  Several of the committees show responsibility breakdowns.  In these committees we look for people other than the Chair to take on these commitments as much as possible to share the fun around.

Special Events Committee:

     Assist with the key special events the PTA hosts such as International Festival, cultural arts assemblies, back-to-school picnics and other school community-building events.


Select event Leaders: Responsible for aspects of individual events during the year.


Fundraising Committee: 

     Assist with programs to raise funds to operate the PTA and fund its programs.  The PTA programs work toward the enhancement of all of our children’s educations (such as cultural arts assemblies, student awards, teacher/staff appreciation, and community outreach).


Clipping and membership:  (Box Tops, Campbell soup labels, etc. also Grocery store script registration. (Giant, Safeway cards, etc.) Time commitment approx. 5 hours per month.

Family restaurant and activity nights:  Restaurant nights, Bounce parties, etc.  Time commitment approx. 6 hours per month.

Sales programs and events:  Mixed Bag, Claire's, Bingo night, Silent Auction, World of Chocolate, etc. Time commitment approx. 8 hours per month.

Grant writing and corporate donations:  Investigating and writing Grant proposals, Soliciting donations from local stores, organizations and businesses.  Time commitment approx. 6 hours per month.


Volunteer Coordination Committee: 

     Assist with recruiting volunteers to help with PTA events and fundraisers, and for school activities.  They help with coordinating and scheduling those volunteers (i.e., through email, phone tree). This job is mostly done from home by email or by phone. They also assist in recruiting new volunteers and so strong interpersonal skills can be helpful. 

Communications Committee:

     Assist with the collection and distribution of information within the PTA, the school and our community.  Good communications can turn a good organization into a vibrant organization.  The folks on this committee would support a dynamic and informative PTA website, enable email distribution and inform the community of PTA activities through a newsletter. A bilingual (Spanish/English) member would also be helpful. 

Web master: maintain and update the website on a weekly basis.  Mostly updating calendar and latest news 30-60 minutes a week

Facebook/Twitter:  Repost information in a timely manner regarding activities relative to the School and the Committee.  Time Commitment is roughly 15-25 minutes a week

Newsletter: Write and distribute a weekly newsletter, highlighting activities at the school, in Owen Brown and Oakland Mills, Howard County Govt., Howard County Rec. and Parks, Columbia Association etc….  that are useful and timely for TSES Families.  Particular use is to high light activities for kids and important things for the grownups on the go.  Time Commitment 2 to 3 hours a week.

School Directory Organizer: Create a paper and digital school directory. Commitment 22 hours at the beginning of the year, ends mid October.

Bulletin board Organizer: Update the bulletin board with useful information for parents to read as they pass by. 


Hospitality Committee:

     To show tangible PTA appreciation for the great job done by our own volunteers and by the school staff and teachers such as by sending cards and mementos or by providing special meals.

Select event Leaders: Responsible for aspects of individual events during the year. Primarily to assist with aspects of Staff Appreciation Week.


Community Outreach Committee:

     Assist with events the PTA hosts which focus on our community such as book, coat and food drives,  safety training and  school clean-up days.

Select event Leaders: Responsible for aspects of individual events during the year.


Membership Committee:

     Assist with enrolling parents, teachers and community members in the PTA and maintaining a database of PTA members.


Membership Event Coordinator: Publicize PTA membership and attend numerous events to promote registration. Primarily in the Fall. Commitment upwards of 13 hours total.


Hispanic Liaison Committee:

     Work to integrate our Hispanic community into PTA events and their planning.


Officer Nomination Committee:

     Locate qualified and motivated members who would like to make next year’s PTA be all it can be.  At the end of each school year elections are held for the next year’s officers. It is the very important job of the nomination committee to find the very best candidates for the officer positions.  The committee runs for two or three months prior to the election. 



Ideas and Suggestions
If you are a member and would like to make suggestions please feel free to send them to any of the officers email address or to pta@tsespta.org If you would like to have an idea considered by the PTA please:

  1. Discuss it with the relevant Committee chair person. (See the points of contact area)
  2. Or submit it as an agenda item for the executive board meeting by email to pta@tsespta.org